Privacy policy

Plandex obliges itself to respect  your privacy on the Internet and shall make any effort in order to protect data entrusted to us ("Personal Data").

Personal data

Personal data means data used for the purposes of identifying a specific person covering among all: name and surname, address of residence or another correspondence address, electronic mail address or other information which make it possible to contact with the given person. We would also like to mention that Plandex websites may be viewed without the necessity of giving personal details.

If you decide to make your personal data available to us, we can use them only within Plandex company or present it to our Partners, Customers and Suppliers - without the possibility of processing or making available to third parties.


Plandex website uses the so-called "cookies" as well as other identification technologies. "Cookies" are small text files used for example for the purposes of collecting information about the activity on the given website. Some "cookies" and other tracing technologies are used for calling out personal data previously given by the website user. Most browsers allow for controlling "cookies" servicing what involves determining whether they shall be received or not as well as the way of removing them. Most browsers may be set in such a way so that they informed about the incoming "cookie" file; it is also possible to select "cookies" blocking option. 


Tracing technologies may save such information as: website domain or host name, IP address, browser type and operational system type, keys sequences as well as date and time when our website was visited. The application of "cookie" files as well as other tracing technologies makes it possible for to perform corrections and improvements on our websites what has a positive result on their reception. It also gives us the possibility of analysing information which does not contain personal data - for statistical purposes and determining the interest in the given parts of the website. 


No matter when personal data is stored (in Plandex company or by other entities acting on its behalf), we oblige ourselves to undertake applicable actions aiming at protecting it from unauthorized access or disclosing it to third parties. 

Privacy principles related to children website is not intended for children. In connection with the above we are not going to collect personal data from people under 16.

Giving consent

Using the website involves agreeing for the aforementioned conditions.

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