Jaws type box bodywork

  • zabudowy ciężarówek plandex
  • Nadwozia furgonowe typu szczęki plandex
  • Nadwozia furgonowe typu szczęki plandex

The characteristics of jaws type box bodywork

  • jaws type box bodyworks are designed in 3D technology,
  • details cut with the use of a laser and formed with the help of folding machines with optical bending angle measurement what guarantees very high accuracy and quality of products,
  • all the elements are made of steel of improved mechanical resistance, sand-blasted, zinc-plated and then varnished,
  • the structures of box bodyworks are welded with the use of welding robots,
  • floor lined with waterproof anti-slippery plywood with the thickness and resistance which depends on the vehicle load capacity,
  • the handles of transportation belts hidden in the bodywork contour allow for fast securing of the cargo, 
  • front wall made of Plywood type board,
  • insulated roof made of aluminium sheet metal,
  • the sides of the bodywork are made of two aluminium anodized sideboards opened with the use of lever and rope system. The bottom sideboard is opened manually, the upper one is automatically slid on to the roof. The sideboards are divided or as a whole depending on the bodywork length, locked with bolt locks, 
  • depending on the bodywork length, one to four light points with the switch by the rear door or in the driver's cabin,
  • rear two-leaf door with the opening angle of 270 degrees with the possibility of securing it in the open position,
  • entry sliding ladder located by the rear door, 
  • rear door frame made of stainless steel (chromium and nickel),
  • mudguards equipped in anti-splash mat per regulation 109/2011 ,
  • lateral aluminium covers pursuant to Reg. 73,
  • tool box made of plastics locked with a key,
  • contour labelling and marker lamps pursuant to Reg. 48.

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