• We manufacture, single-axle trailers within the range of allowable total mass (PLT 11) from 3,500 kg to 11,000 kg and two-axle trailers within the range from 3,500 kg to 22,000 kg DMC.
  • The wide offer covers also central axle trailers (PTL11, PTL10, PTL18) as well as with torsion front axle (PT018).
  • All the types of trailers are offered with the following bodywork options:
  1. box,
  2. curtain,
  3. aluminium box,
  4. isothermal,
  5. refrigerator,
  6. tipper,
  7. tow car,
  8. suspension for BDF bodywork.
  • Aditionally, all the types have been awarded ADR homologation and may be used for the purposes of transportation of hazardous materials.
  • Depending on the customer's preferences we use structural steel of improved resistance or aluminium structures for the purposes of trailers manufacturing. In the first case, all steel elements of the trailers are sand-blasted, zinc-plated and then varnished. 
  • The trailers were prepared by construction engineers working in PLANDEX company, with the use of the most modern CAD computer tools. The structure of a wide range of trailers was tested and was awarded with a positive opinion by the Industrial Machine Institute in Poznań.
  • The trailers have also undergone the tests of Industrial Automotive Institute and Vehicle Transportation Institute Computer simulations allowed creating optimum structure in terms of resistance. The reliability of computer simulations was confirmed by experimental resistance and durability tests on the track and on the test benches.
  • All the trailers manufactured by our company are equipped in pneumatic braking system and suspensions of renowned companies such as KNORR - Bremse or WABCO.  The braking systems are equipped in ABS or EBS system, while EBS system allows also for stabilizing the drive track (RSS/RSP), which is especially beneficial for large-size trailers.
  • The high quality axles applied in the trailers produced by such manufacturers as: BPW, SAF, KNOTT, GIGANT or ROR, assure their high durability. Other subassemblies of renowned companies, e.g. tow bar eye - JOST / Rockinger, support legs - Haacon, electric installation - Aspock, tyres - Continental, Good Year, Fulda and Michelin, lead to the customers' satisfaction with our products. 
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