• 35 000 kg, axle load 24 000 kg, fifth wheel load 11 000 kg


  • steel structure made of structural steel of increased resistance, sand-blasted, zinc-plated and then varnished


  • 3-axles BPW with a disc brake SB4309, (3 x 9000 kg)
  • trailer pin - 2 inches
  • the second axle  – lifting, the third self-steering axle enforced by Tridec System mechanism 
  • 2 support legs of JOST type serviced from one side
  • pneumatic suspension with H-S platform lifting and lowering valve
  • lateral anti-access protection pursuant to ECE
  • rear bumper pursuant to ECE

Brake system

  • BPW consistent with ECE
  • ABS/EBS anti-locking system
  • pneumatic hand brake

Electric system

  • ABS plug
  • rear lights joined with reversing lights, fog lights, turn indicators and warning triangles
  • 2x5 side diode lights
  • 2x red/white contour lights at the rear side of the semi-trailer
  • rear joined lights
  • a set of connection cables


  • steel rims
  • Goodyear 385/55R22.5 wheels - 7 pieces

Other equipment

  • 2 wedges with fixing
  • mudguards with splash-guards
  • a basket for one spare wheel
  • floor covered with steel corrugated sheet metal on the whole length with the limiters which protect against container moving (height 40 mm)
  • front and rear steel wall with aluminium panels (3 aluminium tiltable panels, which enforce air circulation)
  • front and rear posts with the wind covers
  • roof made of steel structure covered by the laminate roofing with air inlets (10 ventilation openings 500x500 mm)
  • roof lifting system with the help of a pneumatic and hydraulic system at the height of 1000 mm (the system is driven by a servomotor assembled under the semi-trailer with a valve located in the toolbox made of stainless steel)
  • the sides are made of wound up tarpaulin and lowered with the help of 2 oil transmissions on each side of the semi-trailer with the possibility of locking it (wound up or unwound tarpaulin depending on the ambient temperature)

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