Plandex company provides also advertising graphics on vehicles and tarpaulins depending on the project type we choose the way of advertisement realization.
Large-format full colour printing is always reinforced with varnish what essentially increases the resistance to UV radiation and mechanical damages. Painted graphics is made with the use of special fast-drying paints which penetrate deep into the tarpaulin structure and it assures the long-term durability of the advertisement.

Our experience is able to face the most difficult requirements, we give advice, care about the highest quality of customer service and we approach each order individually.

Registered office

P.P.U.H. PLANDEX - Spółka Jawna
62-060 STĘSZEW
ul. Bukowska 3
tel./fax. (061) 813-54-94
fax. (061) 89-85-485

P.P.U.H. PLANDEX - Spółka Jawna

62-060 STĘSZEW
ul. Bukowska 3
Tel. 61 813-54-94
Fax. 61 89-85-485
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