PLANDEX became the leader partner of Mercedes-Benz Polska in vehicle bodies delivery

We are pleased to inform that our partnership with Mercedes-Benz Polska has been appreciated and our company received the title of "Leader supplier of vehicle bodies for Mercedes-Benz Polska". 

"These distinctions always bring us a lot of satisfaction, because we believe that engagement, quality of products and innovations are key factors of success", board chairman of PLANDEX, Tomasz Mruk.

The certificate awarded by a company as prestigious and recognizable as Mercedes is a great proof of recognition as well as huge motivation to improve our technological and marketing infrastructure and processes.

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P.P.U.H. PLANDEX - Spółka Jawna
62-060 STĘSZEW
ul. Bukowska 3
tel./fax. (061) 813-54-94
fax. (061) 89-85-485

P.P.U.H. PLANDEX - Spółka Jawna

62-060 STĘSZEW
ul. Bukowska 3
Tel. 61 813-54-94
Fax. 61 89-85-485
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