PULS BIZNESU an independent magazine created a ranking of the most dynamically developing enterprises in Poland.

In January 2014 the daughter of the company owners Mrs Danuta and Mr Tomasz Mruk received the award which was the summary of our actions.  

24 years of hard work on the motorization market allowed us to become a member of an elite club of BUSINESS GAZELLE (Polish GAZELE BIZNESU), which is a great distinction for us and at the same time motivates us for even more productive work.

Registered office

P.P.U.H. PLANDEX - Spółka Jawna
62-060 STĘSZEW
ul. Bukowska 3
tel./fax. (061) 813-54-94
fax. (061) 89-85-485

P.P.U.H. PLANDEX - Spółka Jawna

62-060 STĘSZEW
ul. Bukowska 3
Tel. 61 813-54-94
Fax. 61 89-85-485
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